‘’Sarı saçlarını deli gönlüme, Bağlamışlar,çözülmüyor Mihriban.’’ Kahramanmaraş’ın bağrından tüm ülkeye sevdasını duyuran güzel adam:Abdurrahim Karakoç


İlkbaharın o içten samimiyetiyle mest olup açan çiçekler gibi gözünü açtı dünyaya Karakoç.Takvimler o gün 7 Nisan 1932’yi gösterdiğinde Kahramanmaraş’ın Ekinözü köyü bir şair daha çıkarmıştı içinden.Tıpkı Karakoç’un dedesi,babası ve kardeşleri gibi.Şairimiz şiir yazmaya çocukluk yıllarında başlamasını kendi ağzından şu sözlerle aktarmış bizlere:
-‘’Çocukluğum şöyle böyle geçti.Kıt imkânlara,kıtlık yıllarına rağmen hâlâ o günleri özlerim.Birçok kimseye o yılları anlatsam,’Özlenecek neresi var? ‘diyebilirler,amma ben hep çocukluk yıllarımı sevdim.Şiir yazmaya küçük yaşlarda başladım.Zaten bizim oralarda her genç şiir yazar.Bu tutku başka bir meşgalenin veya işin olmayışından kaynaklanıyor gibime geliyor. Ben de avareydim, boşluğumu şiirle doldurmaya çalıştım.Benimle şiire başlayanlar yalnızlıktan,yardımsızlıktan dökülüp gittiler.’’

İlk yazdığı şiirlerinden iki tane kitap çıkacak halde olmasına rağmen bu şiirlerini beğenmeyip hepsini yakan Karakoç,1958 yılından itibaren yazdığı şiirleri onu ülkeye tanıtan ‘’Hasan’a Mektuplar’’ isimli kitapta topladı.

Diğer eseleri şu şekildedir:

-El Kulakta (1969)
-Vur Emri (1973)
-Kan Yazısı (1978)
-Suları Islatamadım (1983)
-Beşinci Mevsim (1985)
-Dosta Doğru(1994)
-Akıl Karaya Vurdu (1994)
-Yasaklı Rüyalar (2000)
-Gökçekimi (2000)

Vee gelelim efendim herkesin merak ettiği o konuya.Kim bu Mihriban ? Nasıl bu kelimeleri,bu cümleleri yazdırdı Abdurrahim Karakoç’a ?

‘’Köyde düğün olacak ve köye civardan misafir gelecektir.Her şey kurulur,düğün başlar ve Karakoç bir kız görür,ailesiyle komşunun düğününe gelen misafir kızdır bu.’’Mihriban’’.Misafirlikler ilerledikçe aşk da başlar.Yanmıştır,kül olmuştur Karakoç.Ailesi onun bu halini görür ve hemen kızı bulmak için dört yana haber gönderip,en sonunda o Mihriban’ı bulmuşlardır.Kız istenir fakat bir kez daha yıkılacaktır Karakoç.Mihriban’ın nişanlı olduğunu öğrenir.Ailesinin halinden olumsuzluğu sezen bu güzel adam ailesini tembihler ve bir daha Mihriban’ın konusunun geçmeyeceğini söyler.Yıllar sonra aşk ateşinin sönmediği anlaşılmıştır.Mihriban mektuplar yazar şaire.Karakoç mektup gönderemez belki ama o da Mihriban’ına gazetelerin şiir sayfalarından sesini duyurur.Herkes şiir yazdığını zannederken o,Mihriban’a sesleniyordur aslında.Mihriban,mektubuna ‘’Unutmak kolay mı ?’’başlığını atıp gönderdikten sonra Karakoç son sözlerini döküyor kağıda:

-Unutmak kolay mı deme,

Unutursun Mihriban’ım.

Oğlun,kızın olsun hele

Unutursun Mihriban’ım.’’-

Böyle güzel bir adamdın sen Abdurrahim Ağabey,bize bıraktığın tüm güzel şiirler,bize öğrettiğin tüm sonsuz duygular için tekrar teşekkür ediyoruz sana.Mekanın cennet olsun,huzur içinde yat.


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    Gardening is a great solution to escape the stress involving daily life by working along with your hands and having throughout touch with nature.

    It can also some sort of way for you to add some beauty in addition to peace to your house by encircling it having lovely plants.

    Read in to find out the way to start the house backyard today.

    To store your own garden-fresh onions for
    use all through the winter and stay away from having
    them rot or perhaps mold, shop them in pantyhose!

    Sure, pantyhose! Merely place the onions into the legs of
    pantyhose, and, to avoid allowing them contact one another (which is what helps create mold plus rot),
    area a twist tie up concerning each onion and the subsequent.

    To store, hang this pantyhose simply by the gusset
    in a new cool dried place and cut down or pop a hole inside the
    pantyhose to pick up the red onion when anyone need it.

    If a person are planning an water sources system for your back garden, consider a drip water sources
    technique. A conventional process using sprinkler heads drops a
    good good deal water via evaporation. Nevertheless , a trickle program irrigates your yard by simply
    a constant sluggish drip of water underneath the surface, which means a lesser
    amount of waters is wasted by way of evaporation.

    Use stones while flower markers if an individual
    want to keep a natural looking motif. You are able to write
    with permanent special marker on the flat side of stones
    together with revolve around your plant having them. This way you can be ready to say to what type of plants
    you have got without having a good ugly white mark.

    Attempt developing crops that are straightforward to store or store
    them selves. If handled appropriately and even gently,
    given the right amount of time to get rid of, garlic, onions, lovely taters, squash, dry coffee beans, or perhaps shallots will keep to get a very
    long time in the amazing, dry spot. No canning or getting stuck required.
    This can ensure having fresh vegetables through the back garden all winter very long.

    Shell out attention to the temps in your garden. Whenever it is early, or maybe past due, in the time of year there
    is a new probability that your plants could possibly be exposed to frost.
    Freezing temperature will cause numerous plants to be able to die, and some that live
    will not likely produce at the stage they will have otherwise.

    Tumble is an excellent time of the particular year to plant a fall veg
    garden. The moderate conditions of autumn are usually excellent for cultivating quick-progress, cool-season vegetables such seeing as
    kale, radishes and member of the lettuce family.
    Expanding an autumn screened gazebo does require some arranging since you need to collect your salad
    crop in advance of the first frost. By means of looking on the seed products packet, you will
    locate out the length of time that will take for
    your vegetable to help be mature enough to harvest.
    Since plants grow more slowly in the shortened times of slide,
    add two months on the time posted on the seed packet.
    If the total amount of days is forty five, make sure you seed your
    fall crop with least that many days and nights prior to
    the time that often the first day of ice typically occur in your location.

    Create ambiance with great or orange foliage.
    Visual vibrancy and warmth provides from great and yellow-leaved foliage.
    They are particularly powerful in badly lit locations, presenting
    the impression of mild and depth. These people organize wonderfully with crimson bouquets
    or maybe deep dureté foliage. Good choices include Caryopteris ‘Worcester Gold’,
    Viburnum ‘Aureum’, various Hostas and Spirea ‘Gold Flame’.

    Plant inside shade. All plants need to have light to survive, nonetheless only a few of them need to get brilliant sunshine.

    Plants indigenous to woodland locations are usually happy when they acquire protection from the sun’s rays.

    There are quite a few plant life that will thrive in a questionable garden, including Hosta, Cyclamen, Foxglove, Helleborus, Japanese Anemone, together
    with Ajuga. By growing and maintaining these kinds of, you will have a new year-round show of shade in however, shadiest connected
    with gardens.

    Should you have a young baby, consider sporting your own child in a backpack as
    you garden. Being outdoor is a wonderful stimulating experience
    intended for a good infant, plus that they get to spend more
    time with an individual. Organic gardening can be most secure for
    baby, while at this time there is no risk involving them experiencing harsh
    or perhaps dangerous chemicals while a person work.

    One of the particular best ways to possibly be successful
    with organic growing plants is to plan first. The perfect laid out strategies
    for an organic lawn, generally make for by far the most
    successful garden. Plan what you would plant early on in addition to be sure to have backup fruit
    and vegetables prepared to plant whenever short-lived flowers, like lettuce and spinach, are carried out for the year.

    Compliment the areas of the yard just where grass is going to not grow.
    Accomplish not necessarily be discouraged. Carry out not
    try to regrow cup there. Go ahead together with take this possiblity to adjust
    your ground cover a much more natural choice. Look intended
    for something is low-maintenance, plus put anyplace grass is definitely struggling for you to thrive.

    1 unusual yet apparently valuable tip intended
    for growing natural and organic plants, should
    be to lightly clean your plant life with the fingers or a piece of cardboard 1-2 times per
    day. While this appears unusual, homework shows it can easily help plants expand larger, versus
    not petting all of them at all.

    Here will be a word of advice for natural and
    organic gardening! Work with a rain evaluate. Most plants require
    with regards to a inches of drinking water per week. To discover precisely how much
    you need to be able to water, it really is critical to be able to know how much
    drinking water the plants received via rain. As rainfall may differ greatly within just a metropolis, have a tendency hinge on your own weather review; instead apply a rain measure to help determine the amount that dropped on your location.

    Many equine farms is going to give you their pony manure for free if you question. Some can even transport this for you to your entrance for some sort of fee.
    Horse manure is definitely abundant with vitamins and vitamins
    that plants hunger for. Normally, the manure is
    definitely blended with wood bits in order to reduce
    the smell. For the serious organic, make positive that typically the bits made use of
    are also organic and natural.

    In case your life is nerve-racking, farming cannot be suggested enough.

    While you have observed by reading through this information, gardening is an uncomplicated interest as well because a great strain reliever.
    So, what explanation carry out you have in definitely not starting?

    Apply the ideas in this article today to produce a wonderful garden and to help make it yourself truly feel fantastic, too! http://pw.cp68.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=624270&do=profile

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    ‘’Sarı saçlarını deli gönlüme, Bağlamışlar,çözülmüyor Mihriban.’’ Kahramanmaraş’ın bağrından tüm ülkeye sevdasını duyuran güzel adam:Abdurrahim Karakoç – Histodia http://astrus.cn/bitrix/redirect.php?event1=&event2=&event3=&goto=

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